Giovanna mers is a superior real estate professional in every way. She provided expert knowledge of the market, dedication to every detail, careful personal attention, and quick and thorough response is to every question. Most appreciated, perhaps, it’s your generosity and patience to a first time investor over the course of a long process of locating the right property. Giovanna personally assisted me through the entire process and beyond for which I will always be grateful. Giovanna is simply the best at her job, and I will recommend her to anyone seeking a superior real estate in Las Vegas. - Melyssa L.

Giovanna was the best realtor we’ve ever had she was patient, compassionate and completely held her hand through the whole buying process. The entire team is the best in the state business. She gave us her undivided attention since day one. On top of that, we have two young kids every time we see a house. We are happy with our service and would highly recommend her to any buyer or seller. - Paul E.

After working with Giovanna to sell my home, I was convinced that she’s the only realtor I’ll ever need. Since then, I’ve only bought two properties and sold one, and with each process, Giovanna‘s knowledge, professionalism and terrific instincts have consistently guided me through to excellent outcomes. It is truly a pleasure to work with Giovanna – I found that she keeps her clients best interest and sharp focus and you can always trust that she is on top of every detail, big and small, which brings great peace of mind and any real estate. - Scott B.

Giovanna is a pleasure to work with. Her experience and character meet every search and walk through a fun and learning experience. Her dedication to finding us the perfect house was incredible. We could literally contact her at any time and will get a response instantly. I have only great things to say about our experience with Giovanna, and greatly recommend her to anyone who is seriously looking to buy or sell a house. - Cayden S.

Your entire team did a wonderful job…I’ve done a fair amount of real estate transactions over the years and none were like this one.  You really do a great job of walking the client through the process from beginning to end.  Well done! - James P. Rapp